Plenary Presenters
Recent topics of laser applications in Japan and high-quality Cu/Al laser weldingOkamoto, YasuhiroOkayama University, Japan
Emerging new laser infrastructures in high power lasers and their applicationsHernandez-Gomez, CristinaScience and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), UK
Unlocking the potential in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturingAboulkhair, NesmaTechnology Innovation Institute, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Large area functionalisation of surfaces using Direct Laser Interference Patterning, new approaches and perspectivesLasagni, Andrés-FabiánTechnische Universität Dresden & Fraunhofer IWS, Germany
Welding 1
Wednesday Room 1
Temporal pulse shaping, dominant parameter in reducing welding defects during high power fiber laser weldingSuder, WojciechCranfield University
Laser welding with beam wobbling and filler wire of 5083 Al automobile bumper using prototype Tau robotSokolov, MikhailTWI
Enabling E-Mobility - With laser welding and sophisticated sensor technology to guaranteed qualityKogel-Hollacher, MarkusPrecitec, Germany
Wobble laser welding of Aluminium to Copper for electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturingSadeghian, AmirhosseinCoventry University
Challenges and Opportunities in Laser Welding of Additive Manufactured Materials for E-Mobility applicationsSun, TianzhuUniversity of Warwick
Wednesday Room 1
Laser de-coating in cutting tool reuse and recycling for circular economy and environmental impact reductionOuyang, JingleiUniversity of Manchester
Reduced Hazard Laser Cleaning using ‘Retina Safe’ WavelengthsMurphy, TaraWoodrow Scientific
Automating the Laser Cleaning ProcessJones, TonyCyan Tec
High speed large scale selective coating removal by high power nanosecond laser with interacting multi axis systemGabzdyl, JackTRUMPF Laser
Marking & Ablation
Wednesday Room 1
High-efficiency metal microprocessing with femtosecond fiber laserStępak, BoguszFluence, Poland
Manufacture and testing of a laser ablated emitter intended for use as a propulsion system for small satellitesMaharaj, SahilUniversity of Manchester
Ablation with bursts of femtosecond pulses enables hidden welding processBliskevicius, PauliusLight Conversion, Lithuania
Development and realisation of a metal additive manufacturing pilot line and post-processing of parts via laser ablation and polishingBhaduri, DebajyotiCardiff University
Additive Manufacturing 1 (DED)
Wednesday Room 2
ABA cladding – a new cladding strategy to improve productivity in laser cladding/DEDKoti, DanielUniversity of Nottingham
Extreme High-Speed Laser Application (EHLA) and its Emerging ApplicationsHauser, CarlTWI
New cladding applications for diode lasers with higher power, higher speed and new wavelengthsEltze, AndreLaserline, Germany
Advances in hybrid manufacturing which enables greater flexibility and possibilitySolomon, Peter-JonHybrid Manufacturing Technologies
Metal cored wires and their potential to attain complex chemistries in additive manufactured componentsCordero, MarioWelding Alloys
Additive Manufacturing 2 (LPBF)
Wednesday Room 2
From high-speed imaging to in-layer process planning for laser powder bed fusionMoore, AndrewHeriot-Watt University
Twin activity in 316L fine microstructures generated by laser powder bed fusion: opportunities for energy absorption applicationsDella Crociata, DiagoUniversity of Nottingham
Diode Area Melting (DAM)Alayil Veeti, SarathUnivesity of Sheffield
Processing a wide range of Ti6Al4V powders using a 500W laser machineAswathanarayanaswamy, RaviRenishaw
Systems & Automation
Wednesday Room 2
Technological Advances in High Dynamic Laser Processing to Improve process Throughput and Increase Part QualityGermann, BryanAerotech Inc, USA
Automated Robotic Assembly of Laser SystemsCarter, RichardHeriot-Watt University
Innovative and software-embedded process control tools for laser systems Mayerhofer, RolandCoherent, Germany
Challenges for positioner design when using liquids in the laser processing zoneJolliffe, CliffPhysik Instrumente (PI)
Beam Delivery & Shaping
Wednesday Room 3
Innovative Spatial Beam Shaping for Gas-tight Welding of Aluminum and Laser Welding of Metal Ceramic Substrates in Power Electronics at 515 nm WavelengthGabzdyl, JackTRUMPF
Why are ultrafast lasers ultrafast in damaging optics?Ceizaris, LukasOptoman, Lithuania
Beam-Shaping with Multi-Plane Light Conversion to improve laser micro-processingPallier, GwennCailabs, France
3D Laser Beam Shaping for Manufacturing within VolumesCarter, RichardHeriot-Watt University
New approaches to incorporation of laser beam oscillation into manufacturing processesGirerd, ThomasUniversity of Nottingham
Surface Engineering (LSP)
Wednesday Room 3
Artificial Intelligence aided process pptimization for Laser Material ProcessingCastillo, SaraEdmund Optics
The Application of Laser Shock Peening for Improvement of Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior in Additively Manufactured SteelOver, VeronicaColumbia State University, USA
New-Frontiers in Laser Shock PeeningShukla, PratikManufacturing Technology Centre
Study on surface enhancement of D2 steel by conventional shot peening and laser shock peeningDhakshinamoorthy, PraveenaSRM Valliammai Engineering College, India
Wednesday Room 3
Low carbon emission simultaneous laser and mechanical hybrid drilling of carbon fibre reinforced polymer compositeZhu, MenghuiUniversity of Manchester
Investigation into the laser micro-hole drilling of 1 mm thick C263 sheet materialKerwin, AnnieManufacturing Technology Centre
Millisecond Fibre Laser Drilling of Alumina-Alumina Ceramic Matrix CompositesMarsh, NathanielHeriot-Watt University
Precession laser machining of micro-holes on Nickel super alloyNasrollahi, VahidUniversity of Birmingham
Engineering/Texturing 1

Thursday Room 1
Surface treatment of reinforced carbon fibre with woven reinforcement using nanosecond pulsed fibre laserAl-Mahdy, AhmedLiverpool John Moores University
Laser surface engineering for improved osseointegrationMirhosseini, NazaninUniversity of Manchester
USP laser texturing: from surfaces to productsMincuzzi, GirolamoALPhANOV, France
Laser Annealing of slot-die coated Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) absorber layers on Mo flexible substratesSezer, KursadLoughborough University
AI & Machine Learning
Thursday Room 1
Low cost, in-process, image-based weld imperfection detection,
supported by machine learning
Allen, ChrisTWI
Industry 4.0 based framework for real-time prediction of output power of multi-emitter laser modules during the assembly processMarkatos, NikolaosBrunel University
Self-Directed Femtosecond Laser Machining of Microscale Patterns using Deep LearningMills, BenUniversity of Southampton
Importance of automating advanced laser process development using metrology/database technologiesTuohy, SimonOxford Lasers
Artificial Intelligence aided Process Optimization for Laser Material ProcessingBabaei, VahidMax Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany
Thursday Room 1
Performance Enhancements in Laser Cutting Sheet Metal with “Light Tunnel Generators”Kidd, StevePowerPhotonic
High Power Water Jet Guided Laser Cutting of Carbon Fibre Reinforced PolymerChingwena, KudaManufacturing Technology Centre
Laser Based Machining (Cutting, Drilling and Blind Machining) of Ceramic Matrix CompositesBrearley, AlexanderManufacturing Technology Centre
How nanosecond fiber laser pulse characteristics affect battery foil cuttingWright, ThomasTRUMPF/University of Bath
Thursday Room 2
Large area processing with kilowatt femtosecond lasersMottay, EricAmplitude, France
Material Processing with Dual Mode GHz Ultrafast Laser SystemYavas, SeydiLumos Laser, Turkey
High Power Femtosecond Laser Sources Operating at 1030nm, 515nm and 343nm for Industrial ApplicationsFulford, BenLuxinar
Versatile GHz burst-mode operation in high-power femtosecond laser for industrial applicationsAndriukaitis, DeividasEkspla, Lithuania
Thursday Room 2
Improved EV Battery Anode and Cathode Processing with USP LasersLeopold, PhilippeLumentum Technology
Industrial ultrashort pulsed laser welding of copper and titanium to quartz and glass components for optical applicationsDzipalski, AdrianHeriot-Watt University
Laser-induced forward transfer of high viscosity graphene for flexible electronics applicationsDimly, DawoodUniversity of Birmingham
Pulse burst generation for dynamic Picosecond laser- materials processingPerrie, WalterUniversity of Liverpool
Structured optical fields for short and ultrashort pulse lasers: principles and example applicationsAllegre, OlivierUniversity of Manchester
Additive Manufacturing 3
Thursday Room 2
Effect of post heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of LPBF Nickel Superalloy 718Aswathanarayanaswamy, RaviRenishaw
Control of Microstructure through Coordinated Dual-Beam Laser ScanningPerkins, KyleHeriot-Watt University
Laser and wire directed energy deposition of net-shape sub-millimetre featuresWang, XichenCranfield University
Next generation melt pool control via laser beam shaping
in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Keating, MarkFlow Science UK
Welding 2
Thursday Room 3
Investigating stresses during laser welding of dissimilar materials: a thermomechanical modelling approachDondieu, StephenHeriot-Watt University
Laser Beam Welding of different materials improved thanks to tailored beam shaping with Multi-Plane Light ConversionGrosclaude, DavidCailabs, France
Where do we stand with laser welding of steel-to-aluminium? Needs, challenges and opportunitiesBaghbani Barenji, AliUniversity of Warwick
Applying optical coherence tomography for weld depth monitoring in laser welding – a user perspectiveCapar, NecdetTWI
In-situ strain field investigations of solidification cracking susceptibility during laser welding of 6xxx series aluminium alloysPamarthi, Venkat VivekUniversity of Warwick
Welding for e-mobility
Thursday Room 3
SONI-LASER - Ultrasonic assisted laser welding for high volume assembly of
automotive battery packs
Carr, PhilCarrs Welding
Laser wobble welding for e-mobility applicationsRajamudili, KuladeepCranfield University
Dynamic Beam Lasers Offer New Parameters for Laser Welding in Automotive ApplicationsDini, ChristianCivan Lasers
Modelling of Laser Joints for Understanding Joint Strength in Electric Vehicle Battery InterconnectsMasters, IainUniversity of Warwick
Evaluation of spatially oscillated single mode infrared laser beam welding to competing approaches, for electric vehicle battery module jointsAllen, ChrisTWI
Challenges and Opportunities for Adhesive Bonded Joints Reinforced by Laser Beam Stitches in Automotive Body Construction and E-Mobility PartsAl Botros, LaraUniversity of Warwick
Engineering/Texturing 2

Thursday Room 1
A comparison of the tribological performance of textured cylinder liner segments modified by Direct Laser Writing and Direct Laser Interference Patterning processesButler-Smith, PaulManufacturing Technology Centre
Laser Surface Texturing of Stainless Steels for Biomedical ApplicationsDong, JialinLoughborough University
Femtosecond laser engraving, microstructuring and texturing applicationsGarcía, RaúlMicrorelleus, Spain
Laser-based interdiffusion of electroplated nickel-titanium layers for shape memory applicationsMuniraj, LogaheswariHeriot-Watt University